About Us

The Future of TV
The SET Group TV (Sai Gon Entertainment Television Group) is a media platform connects and powers the entire media supply chain, from the initial phase of procuring and producing video. It provides central workflows, shared metadata infrastructure, and APIs to connect and orchestrate the entire media supply chain and allows broadcasters, operators, and media companies to manage, deliver, measure, and monetize their content.
SET Group, is a Vietnamese community television network that offers premier programming dedicated to preserve the values, culture and heritage of the Vietnamese American people.
Our mission is to bridge the generations and cultural gaps of the Vietnamese American population.
We believe that by providing diverse, original programming that is informative, up-to-date and entertaining, it will allow the Vietnamese viewers to gain an understanding and awareness of the world they live in and who they are individually and collectively as part of the Vietnamese and American communities.
Today, the content available on TV has never been better, but the experience around that content hasn’t improved very much. That’s why we started SET Group. We’re working to reinvent the television experience for the modern age and create a service you’ll love as much as the shows you watch. In short, we’re making the television experience we’ve always wanted for ourselves and everyone else who loves TV but hates the way it works.
What is SET Group?
Today, SET offers a package of top-Vietnamese television channels for FREE. Watch live, save unlimited shows to watch later, or browse a huge library of content available on-demand. SET is available on all your favorite devices and on the web, wherever you are.